Our Identity

Our People

People come to Grace Baptist from many different backgrounds and walks of life. For some, this is the first church they have experienced. Others come from churches whose faith and practice is similar to Grace Baptist. Many however, come to Grace Baptist from churches that are in other denominations. 

No matter what your background might be, we are thankful God brought you to our church, and we want you to understand our identity so you can join our worship whole-heartedly and enjoy our fellowship freely. 


Our Church

Grace is an independent Baptist church and since names and labels mean something, it will be important for you to know what we mean by our name and identification.

When we say we are an Independent Baptist Church we simply mean we are not an official part of any organization or conference of churches where we would be subject to any authority outside of our own congregation. We exist as an independent church and are self-governed by the congregation under the authority of the Bible. We are free as a church to fellowship and participate in ministry with any other good church or ministry of like faith and practice should we so desire and feel directed by God to do so.

When we say we are a Baptist church we are referring to the form of government in the church and to a set of principles which describe the church that we believe best reflect the teaching of the New Testament.